Ski Resorts

Properly designed slopes welcome skiers to enjoy winter sports

The best winter holidays are spent on well designed slopes and trails while enjoying good service. The ski resorts Licons designs make people enjoy their stay.

A key element of running a successful ski resort is to provide fun and challenge for various types of customers, be they skiers, alpinists or snowboarders; amateurs or pros. Families require different services than the action-packed youth or professional downhill skiers. Licons aims at creating ski resorts that offer pleasurable activities for every guest.

Before the final plans can be drawn, a lot of things need to be thought of. We offer You the expertise we have in thoroughly considered planning. Terrain, location, planned size for the resort and the ability to offer different services all need to be carefully analyzed before making any final decisions. Licons is specialized in designing profitable ski resorts where customers enjoy their visit.
1. The first step of designing a successful ski resort is the careful analysis of landscape and terrain.
2. How long and steep will the slopes be? Where will the lifts be built?
3. In a finished ski resort everything runs smoothly. People won’t have to stand in lines waiting, and finding the most suitable slopes is easy. Service is good and quick – in between and after skiing!