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Golf Resorts

  • Peuramaa Golf Vanha Peura, Finland
Redesign, Design completed
  • Peuramaa Golf Porkkala, Finland with Åke Persson from Sweden
Opened 2003
  • Kanava Golf, Asikkala, Finland
Master Plan
  • Winter Golf
Master Plan
  • Ikaalisten Golf, Ikaalinen, Finland
Master Plan
  • Ruka Golf, Ruka, Finland
Master Plan
  • Ruka Ski Resort, Ruka, Finland
Par 3 Course Design completed
  • Kuusamo Golf, Kuusamo, Finland
Master Plan
  • EKE Golf, Tammisaari, Finland
Master Plan
  • Sundsberg Golf Academy, Sundsberg, Finland
  • Ruuppo Golf

Master Plan

Master Plan

  • Golf & Spa Resort
Design in final state
  • Merikarhu Golf, Finland
  • Sarfvik Golf


Master Plan

10th tee 

Design contest,

  • EGS, Espoon Golfseura
  • St. Laurence Golf, Lohja


Master Plan

Master Plan

Ski Resorts

  • Ruka, Finland Official FIS ski slope
1 2 3 4 5
  • Pyhä, Finland
  • Isosyöte, Finland
 Master Plan
  • Messilä, Finland
Master Plan

Landscape architecture

  • Villa Rocky, Finland

Layout design, stone paving, lawns and planting arrangements, paths, pool area, fountain, two outside fireplaces etc.

  • Tulip Garden, Finland

Layout design, stone paving, lawns and planting arrangements, paths, open fireplace / barbeque area, lighting design

  • Villa Peura, Finland

Layout design, 6 terraces, stone walls and paving, paths, planting arrangements, pool area, outside fireplace, waterfall and pool, lighting design

  Lay Out

Will include pool and barbeque areas among other things

  •  Wellness Centre, Finland
 Master Plan
  • Messilän Matkailumaailma


Master Plan